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At-Home Tutoring

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Date: November 30, 2017 11:05 am
City: North Jersey  (New Jersey)
Location: Bergen, Essex, Hudson Counties
Credentials: 9+ years of Experience (Disclaimer)
Price: 65.00
Discount: 50% off your first lesson   
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 I am a New Jersey Medical School student who has been teaching SATs, PSATs, MCATs, TOEFL, Biology, Chemistry, and Writing for over 6 years. I love teaching and hope to incorporate education in my career as a physician. I work hard to make sure my student understands the material and performs to the best of his or her abilities. Watching my students succeed is one of the best feelings to have. That's  why I believe it's important to be patient and encouraging in every step along the way.

Test Subjects: SAT and PSAT

I have a 9 chapter curriculum that will ensure a great improvement in your score. My lesson plans will be structured to work on your specific weaknesses. The curriculum also includes 4 practices exams which we will go over to even further focus the teaching style. With no time wasted, you'll see your score rise with only a few lessons! Don't worry about driving to a location on time, I can come tutor at your home at your convenience.

There are 4 math sections, 3 Critical Reading sections and 2 Grammar sections. I will teach you tricks to get through hard problems quick, how to read passages to understand them better, and how to pinpoint specific grammar errors.

Academic Subjects: Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Trig, Geometry, Pre-Calc, and Calculus, Biology, Chemistry 

I will make worksheets for you to help you understand questions. Practice makes perfect in math. With my past clients, I have kept in touch with school teachers to follow the curriculum and even get information on how the teachers want you to learn material for the exam. We will work together and track your progress to make your next test at A+!

Emaill me for more details, special packages, and references from past clients.

*Lower rates available if you prepay for multiple lessons!

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