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Date: November 25, 2017 8:05 am
City: Claremont  (California)
Location: Claremont, Pomona
Discount: 1 free hour   


Phone: 310-801-4608



Intelligentsia, Inc. is a full service tutoring company offering the highest level of customized, at home tutoring to students of all ages in all subjects. Intelligentsia was founded on the principle that because education is essential for both personal growth and a healthy society, it is crucial that students make the most of their educational opportunities.

Our tutors include PhD candidates, professional mathematicians, scientists, writers and educators, all of whom are experts in their respective fields. Intelligentsia tutors are bright, creative and, most importantly, engaging educators who have a wide range of interests and achievements in their lives and are dedicated to the idea that learning should be an enjoyable, rewarding experience.

Because each tutor is chosen to provide a customized educational experience, we are able to provide students with the exact guidance they need for all academic subjects as well as the best test preparation skills and techniques available.

Read what some of our clients have said about Intelligentsia:

Intelligentsia tutors "make complex concepts understandable. Their tutors are always reliable and a pleasure to have around!”

"Our tutor was both very clear and patient. She not only helped (our daughter) understand and master difficult material, she also brought a sense of calm to her rather frantic school day. The entire household felt a sense of relief when our tutor always cheerfully knocked on our door."

"Intelligentsia provided support, not only in the nuts and bolts of material when it was particularly challenging, but also in navigating the stress and demands of a rigorous curriculum."

"Intelligentsia tutors make certain that each student not only understands and masters the material but teach how to successfully structure and organize reading and lecture material into comprehensible notes. Teachers often commented on our daughter’s good study prep."

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