- When the numbers don't add up
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is this right pls check!!!

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it is 21% likely that any particular person has seen the latest box-office hit. If  you are goin to a party where you will see 10 peopl, how likely is it that fewer than 2 of the 10 have seen it?

binomial distribution with parameters. n=10 and p=0.21

P (k>2)-[P(k=0)+P(k=1)]

=1-[(10 choose 0)(0.21)^0(1-0.21)^(10-0)+(10 choose 1)(0.21)^1(1-0.21)^(10-1)[



round to= 0.65363

is this right if not can u pls correct and show the  steps or explain?tnx!

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