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Math A+ Tutoring and Empowerment

Date: December 13, 2009 11:50 pm   This post has expired, if you can't contact this person, please
City: Hampton Roads  (Virginia)
Location: Virginia Beach
Credentials: B.S. Electrical Eng., Math Minor (Disclaimer)
Price: $25-30
Discount: 1st session 

B.S. in Electrical Engineering from ODU. Math Minor. Started engineering grad school in '02

but put that aside (temporarily) to take my current job.  Taking PRAXIS soon. Recently got my WiMAX Wireless RF Network Engineer Certification, and I've had my FE since I graduated. I basically had high grades in math and engineering. Made Dean's List several times.  Got offered grad fellowships, and even  two doctorate fellowships before my 1st senior semester was up. Ended up with a B+ average overall and a 3.81 in EE.I've been tutoring since probably about middle school. My mom and I used to tutor for free at the library until she retired. AP and SAT scores are too far in the past for me to remember! I do know that I CLEP tested out of most of my AP classes and I skipped a grade or two in math when I got to middle school. I've taken pretty much every undergrad math and some grad math, and so i've also helped people with business/accounting classes, etc.

$25-$30 per hour.   Payment (cash) is made up front, due to a couple of dishonest people. Lower rates for more hours/session, more sessions/week, etc...

I just seem to be good at teaching and helping people of all ages. I think I get it from my mom, who was an awesome math teacher for over 20 years. I do everything I can, inside and outside of the tutoring sessions, for each of my students. I understand each one is unique and learns a certain way, and having done this for so long, I have a fairly good idea of what each student needs to improve. I go for 100's.  If not, what's the point?

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