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Math Lessons at a Very Reasonable Rate. Come Look!

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City: Miami  (Florida)

I am currently a senior at FIU majoring in Finance and Marketing. I am offering private tutoring in Math for elementary, middle school and high school students in the Miami-Dade area. I have pretty flexible hours, so if you contact me I am sure we could work out a schedule. My fee is  $25.00 per hour. Willing to tutor in the student's home, or a central location such as the local library, Starbucks etc. Contact info can be found below

Here is a little information about me and what I think is the key for success. I believe a good solid relationship between the tutor and the student is very important. Also I am a student myself in Finance and I am currently going through the hard work of studying and the pressure of exams so I will be able to relate to the students problems a bit better in my opinion. I too know the different types of school teachers out there, those who may be hard on the child or in our eyes down right unfair or ridiculous so tackling them and their work will be adressed. But what i've found over the years is that building a solid base or foundation from and early age (Including highschool and below) makes it ten times easier for every math course you encounter in the future. Though it is a lot of practice there are a number of tips that will make you understand things that you previously thought were relatively difficult. Learning it first hand and in person from someone rather than the textbook also paints a much clearer picture to me as well.

 A little about me. My other love other than math is tennis, which I do coach as well, by no means advertising that as well but just letting you know I work with kids outside of the house as well, so I find I can relate to them and that I have an eye for identifying weak spots and really just finding the best way to make them successful and achieve their goals. Patience is a key ingredient as well. Finding what works best for them. Willing to provide and deliver the best service possible. Good luck in your search!

My contact information is:

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Phone Number : 786-888-6949

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