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Math Circles at UBC for all Grade 5-8 Students

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Date: October 20, 2017 7:05 am
City: Vancouver  (Canada)
Location: PIMS, University of British Columbia

Program sponsored by:
Pacific Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Our mission is to inspire and educate children to enjoy and experience success in doing mathematics.

In our programs, children are engaged in the mathematical work designed to develop their mathematical competencies, such as the ability to solve problems, reason well, think logically, communicate mathematically, employ mathematical modeling and visualization, and make connections among various mathematical ideas. Students realize real gains in their mathematical achievement, and they become confident in their mathematical abilities.  

We teach grade 5-8 students, and our curriculum and teaching methods address the needs that young people have for their intellectual development (i.e. wanting to know, enjoying figuring out things, being curious about mathematical relationships). Coherent curriculum, based on problem solving, geometry, and the big ideas of mathematics is what guides the content of our courses.  Expert instruction with guidance and a focus on student thinking are the hallmarks of our teaching methods. We create a learning environment, in which students are encouraged to express and share their mathematical ideas, and are then guided and supported to have these ideas evolve into a well-founded mathematical knowledge.

Our specialty is enabling children to see and experience mathematics as interesting, meaningful, beautiful and important. We strive to have them appreciate, delight and achieve in mathematics, and always ask for more. 

To find out more about our programs, please visit our pages for Math Circles Coaching Program, or visit our Home page at

The Math Circles Coaching Program

There are only 2 elements to developing mathematical competence, "learning new math" and "practicing the math you've learned". The Math Circles Coaching Program will ensure that your child will do both.
Math Circles is an on-going learning and coaching process that will gently "force" your child to succeed. We use thematic seminars and structured problem solving to illuminate various topics of mathematics, and to help develop mathematical thinking in children. 
The object of the program is for your child to dramatically improve her or his math mark, cut the study time in half, eliminate the need for a math tutor in the years to come, keep expanding the math knowledge, and share the joy of doing math with like-minded people.
If your child’s results are not matching your child’s potential, sign up for the Math Circles today.

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