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Math, Science Tutor

Date: November 6, 2017 11:05 am
City: Philadelphia  (Pennsylvania)
Location: Wallingford, PA
Credentials: Masters in Math Education (Disclaimer)
Price: Negotiable
Discount: Discount   
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Math-Science and Language teacher-tutor
(English, German, Hungarian, Latin, French, Italian) with 40 years of teaching, translation-interpreting and tutoring experience.

Teach elementary, intermediate and advanced level Math courses (including Calculus) at Delaware Country Community College and Camden County College.  Also teach English and languages (primarily German, Latin and Hungarian) at Camden County College and privately.

Master's (Math Ed) and Bachelor's
(Math/English) degrees from U of P (1969).

Teaching experience since 1969: School District of Philadelphia, Temple University, Philadelphia Community College, Radnor and Lower Merion School Districts, Camden County College, Delaware County Community College, CIA Language School, EELBA, Ltd. privately owned language services company.

Arrangements about tutoring site to suit requirements.

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