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Abacus Lessons- importance of beating calculators

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Date: November 1, 2017 10:05 am
City: Columbus  (Ohio)
Location: Lewis Center/Polaris

Abacus Lessons- the art of fast and accurate mental math calculation- (740)657-8800

Are your kids not comprehending basic four operations in math?  Are they not able to function, or solve math problems without the help of calculators?  Or do you feel that the schools are not teaching enough, and you want your child to have a solid foundation in all areas of math?  Elite Enrichment Center has it all!

No more struggling with understanding how math works and how numbers relate! 

Elite Enrichment Center offers effective and affordable Abacus lessons for all school aged kids and all levels (from beginning to very advanced).

Kids who learn abacus generally achieve higher academic performance in math and other subject matters.  Besides the fast and accurate arithmetic skills, abacus also develops number sense, time management and concentration skills.

Our abacus kids become excellent problem solvers because our program also helps them develop logic reasoning skills.  Our students approach math problems systematically.  The fast and accurate mental math abilities allow our students to solve problems easily and mentally while their peers struggle even with the help of calculators.  

Fewer and fewer teachers across the nation are skilled in teaching children how to mentally calculate and solve problems, because most of our teachers were also taught and trained to be overly dependent on calculators as they were growing up.

Children from an early age need to be trained to utilize and activate their minds and senses well. Our abacus training will help children to develop stronger number sense and their five senses.  For example, beginning young kids/toddlers will learn key concepts about our ten-based number systems in a way they can understand.  They will also visualize four operations.  They learn to use their eyes to read number problems in a speedy fashion accurately, and to read the beads after they finish the calculation.  They learn to use their ears to listen to problems read out for solutions while going through mental abacus calcuation.  They also learn to develop complicated mental math skills that are much more reliable and faster than calculators.

If kids don't have arithmetic skills, they will never understand number relations, a skill often measured in cognitive (IQ) tests.  Nor will kids know if calculators have performed operations correctly for them, or if correct numbers were punched during the process of finding solutions with a calculator.  Abacus is the best kept secret in developing arithmetic skills for children in a fast, accurate and simple way!  The confidence level you see in a child trained with abacus skills is unbelievably high!  They love the skills they have!  And their skills will show in school performances and all testings.

Our abacus training cultivates concentration skills, and our students become more capable of handling numbers, manipulate complex operations all without the help of calculators. Premature use of calculators actually does not train our children for their future, but hinders the development of essential math concepts and abilities in every child.

Come see for yourself the difference that learning the Abacus can make for your child!

Abacus can help our next generations to perform better than calculators,handle and comprehend other complex subject matters with greater ease and capacity. 



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