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Get Tutored by an Aerospace Engineer

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City: Los Angeles  (California)
Location: Torranc
Price: $40
Discount: 50% off your first lesson   



I graduated from Georgia Institute of Technology with Bachelors in Aerospace Engineering with High Honors in 2006. Since then I have been working for a reputed Aerospace Company in Los Angeles developing systems for military aircrafts. I am exceptionally good in Math and Sciences and I have been tutoring Math, Physics and Chemistry for past 4 years. My SAT and GMAT scores in Math section are as following



GMAT MATH: 99 percentile




I understand that everyone is born with a unique set of strengths and weaknesses. As a tutor, I try to identify my student’s strengths and then get them to overcome their weaknesses by leveraging upon their strengths. I will first focus on getting the student to understand the concept behind a problem. Once the student has mastered the concept, I will walk them through a problem so that can make a connection between the concept and problems that they will see.


I am very patient with kids and will personalize lessons as per the students need. I keep in touch with my students outside classes via emails and text messages, which makes them more comfortable in asking me questions during the tutoring sessions.




I have extensively tutored college freshmen and sophomores in Calculus, Physics and Chemistry. Not only am I good in Maths and Sciences, they also happen to be my favorite subjects. Being passionate about these subjects I can promise that my sessions will be highly energetic and creative. I can tutor kids from grades 7-12 in Maths, Physics and Chemistry.


I have also had a lot of experience working with teenagers outside class. I am a volunteer with Big Brother Big Sisters Los Angeles where I mentor an at-risk high school student. I have also guided counseled students enrolled at a college preparatory program at UCLA.


Why I'm a good Tutor


I understand the subjects that I am teaching very well, which means I can employ several different techniques and methods until the student gets it. I am very good at identifying a student's weak point and working with them on it until it is no longer a weak point. I am truly interested in boosting the grades and scores of my students and making them better students.

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