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Date: November 23, 2017 8:05 am
City: Santa Monica - Malibu  (California)
Location: Malibu
Credentials: CBEST, CSET 1,2,3 Credentialed Math (Disclaimer)
Price: $70 /hour

For Appointments Call (310) 993-2426

Hi everyone,

My name is Kelly and I am a math teacher. The best thing that I can say about myself is that I am not the regular math teacher you can find in an LAUSD classroom. I am very energetic and I truly care about my kids. 

Throughout the years I parents and college students shared with me some of the reasons they chose my services. These are some of reasons they gave me:

1) You are credentialed by the state of California, which means that you are a safe choice academically, financially and safety wise. Credentialed teachers go through FBI screenings and fingerprinting before getting their credentialed. Also, they are tested academically and must hold a Bachelor Degree from an accredited university. 

2) You teach in LA County. This makes you familiar with books and learning materials, which are common in the LA schools, Weather it is a public, charter school or private school, university and or college.

3) You have all the teaching resources that no one else has: Teachers Books, exam CD's, SAT's and CAHSEE materials, things that only teachers can get their hands on.

4) After choosing you, our kids became the best in their class in a matter of weeks. They went from a failing grade to A's and B's. It is MIRACLE. Our kids never got math before, until they met you. It is incredible. (This one is the most common remark after a few sessions)

5) Our kids like you and think you’re funny. At the same time, they say that you are very persistent and have very unique teaching techniques in achieving results quickly. They "get" you. That way, we know that they will remember everything you taught them, and all the notes and examples are the proof of it.

6) You teach them math, but also how to learn math for the future. This allows them with time to become independent and be less dependent on a tutor. In a strange way, you are happy that they accomplish so much, that they don't need you anymore for tutoring. You are actually happy for them and want them to succeed.

7) Your rates are very affordable. It seems like in an hour session, you teach them a few days of math. Haven’t met anyone before that was even close.

I tutor everything from elementary math to AP calculus. I also can teach statistics, accounting, any Microsoft software and quick books. I am great with preparing anyone for the SAT, CBEST, CSET, GRE - math, and CAHSEE.

Many times, teachers or education students hire me to tutor them with completing their teaching portfolio, BTSA portfolio or just pass the state exam. Since I accomplished passing the requirements recently, I am the right tutor to help you deal with this pressure and help you get you clear or preliminary credential. I also have lots of materials for students who go to the CSUN credential program and need help in dealing with it successfully. I graduated from California State University Northridge with a GPA of 3.65 and have materials that could help you out instantly.

I get many types of responses from parents, students, college students and even teachers who choose me for tutoring. All of them agree on one thing, I am the right tutor to choose if you need help in math.

To make an appointment with me, just call (310) 993-2426 Kelly

Rates for tutoring at my location: $75 for an hour session, $100 for an hour and a half session, $125 for two hour session.

Rates for tutoring at your location: $100 an hour (Minimum of 2 hours), $250 for 3 hour session.

For Appointments Call (310) 993-2426


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