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Chinese Language/Culture/Math/Martial Arts/Fine Arts

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Date: November 30, 2017 11:05 am
City: Richmond  (Rhode Island)

No matter you want to learn some simple phrases, or you want to be fluent in Chinese, we can help you to meet & exceed your goals. Our easy, fun & efficient learning approach which allows our students learn fast, fluently and forever. A good teacher will make all the difference. And we bring our Martial Arts to company Health Workshop which works fantastic.

  Sometimes employees feel stressed, frustrated, less productivity due to everyday busy work and pressure. "Tai Chi", one of Chinese Martial Arts that addresses both the building of strength, flexibility and stability and calms the mind, it will benefit a lot for your company & employees by practicing it. They might notice that they stand taller, have better sleep and experience an overall feeling of calm and more productivity after as little as 6 hours practice, continued diligent  practice will yield results far beyond anyone’s expectations.

   Affordable Rate, Flexible Schedule.  One on one & small group classes are tailored for any level & any age. We open 7 days!!

 Thank you very much!

 Yang Yue Chinese Learning Center


tel: (401)225-8617



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