- When the numbers don't add up
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Math for Students who HATE numbers

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Date: November 17, 2017 8:05 am
City: Seattle  (Washington)

I'm an SAT and GRE tutor, and I love to work with students who despise math.

I understand why kids hate math – it can be pointless, dreary, and difficult. Worst of all, schools aren't set up to help kids who have poor memories. If a student forgets a concept covered years earlier, they're often out of luck. The textbook assumes his memory, the teacher (hard-pressed to teach 20+ kids at once) simply doesn't have the time to back up and re-teach the forgotten skill.

This is where I come in.

I focus on building the student's basic competencies so they make fewer frustrating mistakes, and on exploring some of the fascinating fundamental aspects of math that schools rarely teach. The point of math is to solve puzzles, and puzzle-solving is fun when it's on a student's level.

Throughout, we'll progress through a student's specific deficiencies, and constantly review so real mastery is achieved – and will be remembered for the school year!

In the past, I've worked well with students from age 6 to 18, and have a special passion for helping irritable teens.

I'm delighted to share recommendation letters from former students from grade school to college -- recently, a mother has said that I "really inspire [the student] to learn and he is so much more motivated that I have seen him in years."  Contact me (Brandon) at the address above if you have questions, would like to see a full resume and recommendation list, or are interested in meeting for a free consultation!

(If you're interested, my website conveys my passion for what I do, as well as my rates. Check it out at .)

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