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SAT Coach

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Date: February 16, 2018 11:05 am
City: Miami  (Florida)
Credentials: Certified SAT Teacher (Disclaimer)
Discount: 10% discount   

Learn to master the SAT and improve your score through private tutoring:
Guaranteed increase in your SAT score = Better chance to get into the college of your choice.

My method is not dry and actually allows you to have some fun while embarking upon the daunting mission, which it is, of preparing for the SAT. I guarantee you will improve your score or your money back.

I am a certified teacher and teacher trainer for one of the leading accredited learning centers.

- Math theory and tricks, including arithmetic, geomatery, ratios, percentages, combinations and probability, ...
- Verbal strategies, including a strategic tips and tricks to Grammar questions and time saving tricks for Critical Reading
- General tips, such as developing a timing strategy, learning from your mistakes, and more...


SAT Critical Reading

* 25-minute section: 24 questions (8 Sentence Completions, 4 Short Reading Comps, 12 Long Reading Comps)
* 25-minute section: 24 questions (5 Sentence Completions, 4 Short Reading Comps, 15 Long Reading Comps)
* 20-minute section: 19 questions (6 Sentence Completions, 13 Long Reading Comps)

SAT Math

* 25-minute section: 20 questions (20 Multiple-Choice)
* 25-minute section: 18 Questions (8 Multiple-Choice, 10 Grid-Ins)
* 20-minute section: 16 questions (16 Multiple-Choice)

SAT Writing

* 25-minute section: The Essay
* 25-minute section: 35 questions (11 Improving Sentences, 18 Identifying Sentence Errors, 6 Improving Paragraphs)
* 10-minute section: 14 questions (14 Improving Sentences)

In addition to the nine timed sections listed above, the test you take will contain a tenth section. This is the 25-minute “experimental” section that the folks who write the SAT use to test out new questions and for other statistical purposes. The “experimental” section does not count toward your final score. However, you won’t be able to just blow off the experimental section for one simple reason: you won’t know which one it is.

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