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Date: February 17, 2018 10:05 am
City: New Orleans  (Louisiana)
Location: Uptown/Garden District/CBD
Credentials: MS in Mathematics from Tulane University (Disclaimer)

one-on-one in person tutoring available usually after 5pm at Tulane University library or elsewhere in Uptown/Garden District/CBD

also, online tutoring available with instant message/chat and an online whiteboard


* BA and BS in Mathematics from Christian Brothers University
* MS in Mathematics from Tulane University


* private tutor for high school and college level math courses - 18 years
* teaching assistant for MATH 111 Probability and Statistics at Tulane University - 2 semesters
* tutor at the Educational Resource Center at Tulane University - 4 years
* tutor at St. Edward's University tutoring center in Austin, Texas - 1 year

currently tutoring or have tutored students from

* Tulane University
* St. Mary's Dominican
* Jesuit
* John Curtis
* Loyola University
* De La Salle
* McGehee
* Ursuline
* Ben Franklin
* Delgado College
* Xavier University
* University of New Orleans
* and more


* calculus
* pre-calculus
* probability and statistics
* algebra
* geometry
* trigonometry
* GRE quantitative
* GMAT quantitative, etc

Tulane University classes

* MATH 111 Probability and Statistics (I have several past final exams for practice.)
* MATH 115 Long Calculus I (I have several past final exams for practice.)
* MATH 116 Long Calculus II (I have several past final exams for practice.)
* MATH 121 Calculus I (I have several past final exams for practice.)
* MATH 122 Calculus II
* MATH 123 Statistics for Scientists (a MINITAB based statistics class)
* MATH 131 Consolidated Calculus
* SW743 Tools III: Data Management, Analysis, and Interpretation (an EXCEL based School of Social Work graduate class)

St. Edward's University classes

* BUSI 2305 Business Statistics
* MATH 3320 Applied Statistics
* PSYCH 2317 Statistics for Psychology
* SOCI 2329 and SOCW 2329 Statistics for Behavioral Science
* MATH 1314 College Algebra
* MATH 2310 Mathematics For Business (Finite Math)
* MATH 2312 Pre-Calculus
* MATH 2313 Calculus I
* MATH 2314 Calculus II
* BUSI 5304 Quantitative Methods for Managers (an EXCEL based statistics class)

I have experience with EXCEL doing descriptive statistics, ANOVA, chi square, regression, etc.

I can show you how to use a TI-83, TI-83 Plus, or TI-84 calculator.
for statistics - confidence intervals, hypothesis tests, linear regression, ANOVA, etc
for calculus - derivatives and integrals

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