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Math/Physics/Computer/Math-Dependent Tut.

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Date: October 22, 2017 7:05 am
City: Corvallis - Albany  (Oregon)
Location: Corvallis (or charge extra)
Credentials: B.S. Math & Physics; Ph.D. Computer Sci. (Disclaimer)
Price: $20/hr.
Discount: $15/Hr 2nd lesson w/in a week   

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I have been tutoring math courses from high-school algebra Ii up to the 300 college level, but am definitely not limited to that range.  I also have 4+ years experience as a graduate teaching assistant/college instructor, and got a commendation from one of of my professors for "being a very good TA".  Rather than having students try to "rote memorize" (which practically everybody finds difficult/unreliable),  I am a strong advocate of learning relationships between mathematical concepts as a memory aid.  For example, the formulas for the sin and cos of the sum of two angles and for

multiplication of complex numbers directly tied to rotations in 2-dimensions; i.e., the formulas for one concept can be used to help remember the formulas for the other.  I can also explain theconcepts/reasons underlying mathematical manipulation; e.g., explain why a term is moved to the other side of the equation the way a math teacher says to.  I can also explain the crucial point of "completing the square" method of deriving the quadratic formula/solving a quadratic equatioin".  I tutored a high-school student a while back on determinants and matrices (watch out: an apparent pattern that applies to 2x2 and 3x3 determinants doesn't work for larger ones).

I not only am knowledgable in a wide range of mathematical topics but can also tutor in most any field that is "largely-math-dependent"; e.g., electrical theory, etc.  These are merely my strongest topics.  Other potential topics are: science (in general) and economic theory--to the extent that it is mathematical--e.g., the "law of supply and demand".

For tutoring outside the Corvallis, OR city limits, I will generally have to add a charge for transportation; (i.e., no charge within biking distance).  Email is generally th
e best way to contact me; I usually check email early weekday mornings (on weekdays the local library is open).  Phone contact might be possible; but email me first.

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