- When the numbers don't add up
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Math and Chess Tutor Available

Date: February 16, 2018 8:05 am
City: Vancouver  (Canada)
Credentials: Canadian certified teacher (Disclaimer)


 This is truly an incredible chess workbook for children.

Ho Math and Chess

At Ho Math and Chess, Math is fun.



Ho Math and Chess Club = To learn math as easy as 123.

Ho Math and ChessClub = To learn chess as easy as 123™.


Introducing Ho Math and Chess

 Ho Math and Chess, Oh! its program is so fun and cool!



Ho Math and Chess is the only child education learning centre franchise dedicated to teaching children math using game-based approach that is chess.

Many children are turned off by continuing working on boring worksheets and Ho Math and Chess integrated worksheets using its own innovative technologies such as Geometry Chess Language, Ho Math and Chess Teaching Set, and Frankho Chess Maze to have created a series of interesting and fun math and chess integrated workbooks. 

When compared to traditional worksheets, Ho Math and Chess worksheets motivate, nurture, and inspire children in exploring math the fun way.  Ho Math and Chess worksheets excite children's curiosity and arouse their thinking and make learning more interesting. Ho Math and Chess worksheets are multi-function and integrate math, puzzle, chess, logic all in one.

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