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The Tutor's Tutor - 25 years of A+

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City: Thousand Oaks - Agoura Hills  (California)
Credentials: Degrees in Engineering, MBA (Disclaimer)

1st - 12th Grades:                             All Subjects, including Calculus, Physics, Chemistry

                              PSAT, SAT I & II, SSAT, ISEE, ACT, GED, CHSEE


College, Adults:                              Math, Physics, Engineering, English, CBEST (teaching)

                                                            MBA, GMAT, Prereqs for CPA & Nursing

                                                            Armed Forces Tests - ASVAB, ASQT; Firefighter test



Why is A+ Tutors Better?  (Besides being tutored by an Aerospace Engineer or a Montessori teacher)

• Simply put, higher grades


• Over 20 years experience teaching to an individual’s learning style (left or right brain)


• We make learning interesting by relating studies to fun products and job skills


• We prepare students to excel in the real world


• We help improve study and organizational skills and reduce test anxiety



What Results Can You Expect?

Increase grades - 'C's to 'A's and 'F's to 'B's or better - read the Ventura Star article, “Here’s the school to get an A+”, on our website)

SAT scores as much as 500 points (a 500 point increase was achieved in 2009)

• Students will actually understand the fundamentals of each subject instead of rote learning


• Your children will learn the skills necessary to do their homework themselves, with understanding and accuracy


(more at


Every time I come for tutoring I leave feeling so smart

- Alexis M., 10th grade


I used A+ Tutors for my MBA (GMAT) exams. Previously, I had tried one of the sample tests and scored poorly. After just 6 sessions with Bala, I took the GMAT, got a high score and was admitted to my MBA program. Not only did he help me with understanding the material, but his tips on study skills were invaluable during my MBA program.


- David R.


My 11th grader has gone from Cs to As after less than a semester with A+ Tutors. It is wonderful to see how her self confidence has improved in such a short time"

- W. Hansel


Both my neighbor and I used A+ Tutors to help our boys with organizational and study skills.

To our surprise, within 2 weeks, both of them showed a marked improvement.

Now, not only is their schoolwork finally organized, but their study skills have improved to where they are scoring As and high Bs in school.


- Carolyn C

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