- When the numbers don't add up
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Making math easy... and fun!

Date: December 8, 2017 8:05 am
City: Los Angeles  (California)
Location: Sherman Oaks

Are your kids having trouble with math and science?  Different kids learn in different ways, ESPECIALLY when it comes to math, but most schools don't have time for the individual attention your child would thrive on.

My name is Rob, I'm 25 years old, and I've been working with kids for many years.  I am not a professional mathematician or scientist, but these things come easy to me--and with a few tips and tricks, re-designed for each student, it will come easy to your child, too.  I graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Pennsylvania in 2007 with a GPA of 3.85, and I majored in Psychology, which included courses in algebra, calculus, and advanced statistics.  I received straight A's in math in high school, from the basics through advanced calculus, and an 800 on the math section of the SAT.

I know I'm lucky that math comes easily to me.  It doesn't for everyone.  My sister, who is ten years younger than me, struggles with math, and as she went through elementary school and middle school, I figured out ways to help her and adapt my tips and tricks to her skills and abilities.  No matter what level your child is at, I can take him or her to the next.

Depending on location an availability, I offer tutoring services in YOUR home.


$55 for one hour  ($50 per hour when you book 5 sessions in advance)

$75 for 1.5 hours  ($70 when you book 5 sessions in advance)

$40 per hour for multiple sessions in the same week (beginning with second session)--if you need to cram for a test...

Please call 424-248-8059 or email for reservations.

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