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How to achieve high retention rate learning MATH/SCIENCE?

Date: December 14, 2017 12:05 am
City: Shanghai  (China)
Location: Whole City
Credentials: BSc Hon (Eng) Mechatronics (Disclaimer)

Studies have shown that 80% of students don't read their textbook, which means that 80% of students show up to class unprepared. We also know that 30% of all freshman drop out of college within the first year, and 54% of all college students drop out without a degree".

How do we teach?

UltiTutor uses the WTP (Watch, Teach, Practice) learning system:

Watch interactive and multimedia instructional videos before each class

Teach and engage in discussions with the instructor knowledge learnt from the videos

Practice relevant, test/exam styled questions to immediately improve skills and build confidence.

The WTP system works because it is proven that the best way to retain information that is taught is by teaching others; this method translates into a 90% retention rate. This is accomplished through probing questions used by the tutor. Practicing is the next best retention method, which results in a 75% retention rate. One way to accomplish this is by completing homework assignments. Ongoing practicing test/exam styled questions will help to ensure that the concepts taught are being mastered.

Our Program include FREE additional tuition services of the following:

Regular Progress Reports
Comprehensive Instructional Videos
Past Final Exam Papers (A-Level/AP/IB/SAT/GRE)
Final Exam Examiners reports
Exam techniques
Short Effective Notes


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