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PHYSICS/MATH Tutor In Shanghai

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Date: November 12, 2017 12:05 am
City: Shanghai  (China)
Credentials: B.Sc. (Hon) Eng in Mechatronics (Disclaimer)

Studies have shown that 80% of students don't read their textbook, which means that 80% of students show up to class unprepared.
UltiTutor is a premier tutoring service provider backed up by many years of tutoring international school students in Shanghai. We focus on building problem solving skills by working many test/exam styled problems in step-by-step detail. In this way the student gains confidence and improves skills IMMEDIATELY!

Think about having a great teacher giving you the attention-explaining, illustrating, and demonstrating-instead of reading a textbook; centuries-old "textbook and class lecture" style of teaching doesn't work for at least half of all students. UltiTutor do it the smart way.

There are NO boring classes, you learn what you need. Forget about studying harder, with UltiTutor you work smarter!

We also offer FREE additional tuition services which includes the following:

Progress Reports
PC tuition
Past Exam Papers
Examiners reports
Exam technique
Short Effective Notes

Are other Tutors also giving you so much value? Ask us for REAL references from REAL parent and student that we've taught. Leave you child's future in expert hands.

Sign up with UltiTutor, practice with relavent exercises, and get on with your life!


Basic Math
Word Problem
Algebra 1
Algebra 2
Algebra Word Problem
Advanced Algebra
Matrix Algebra
Adv. Calculus 2
Calculus 3
Physics 1
Physics 2
Physics 3
Unit Conversion

Ken Wang

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