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Shanghai's Official IB/AP Math and Physics Tutor

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Date: October 22, 2017 11:05 pm
City: Beijing  (China)
Credentials: BSc Hon (Eng) Mechatronics (Disclaimer)

Do you:

Have trouble with a core curriculum class?
Lack confidence in your study skills?
Need a scheduled study partner?
Need help understanding course content?

The UltiTutor Program can help you:

Enhance test preparation skills.
Improve daily study habits.
Enrich subject understanding.
Improve course grades.
Develop a study plan that can be applied to all classes.What

What Makes UltiTutor REALLY standout?

•All of the topics are taught to my learners entirely through relevant example problems!
•With UltiTutor NO boring tutoring session!
•Immediately assist you with homework and test/exam taking skills!
•All tutoring sessions takes place at your home/office, no need to travel to learning centers, hence saving you time!
•Courses are inexpensive yielding an average cost of only RMB200/hour with discount packages!
•In all sessions, student get to practice relavent questions featuring a wide range of problem complexity!
•All my students have benefited from UltiTutor!


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