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Private Math Tutoring in Fulton/Forsyth area

Date: June 7, 2010 10:29 pm   This post has expired, if you can't contact this person, please
City: Atlanta  (Georgia)
Location: Forsyth/Fulton area
Credentials: BS degree in Mathematics (Disclaimer)
Discount: 50% off first hour for new students   

Hello, I am college student in the Forsyth/Fulton area who is offering private math tutoring.  I can tutor for the test subjects like AP Calculus AB/BC, SAT Math, SAT Subject Test: Math II, GRE Math section, etc. 

My qualifications include:

AP Calculus BC score of 5 out of 5
SAT Math score of 800 out of 800
SAT Subject Test: Math II score of 800 out of 800
GRE Math section score of 800 out of 800

I can also tutor many 1000/2000 level college math classes and high school math classes.

I  have an understanding of the math and can explain why equations and methods are used.    While this method may take more work than just memorizing a large sheet of formulas, the results are worth it.  Students are able to recall more information quickly and derive other relationships from what they know.  Students are able to apply what they know to examples beyond what they practiced with.  Most importantly, students become confident in their mathematics ability and second guess themselves less.  It also helps with future opportunities since mathematics and science are based on foundations; understanding of the foundations are crucial if one wants to build upon those foundations.

I am charging $30 per hour for test prep tutoring and $20 per hour for non-test prep tutoring. First hour for new students are half off.

I prefer to tutor in the Fulton/Forsyth area, but may be able to tutor in other locations depending on the area. Prefer to tutor in a quieter, public area away from distractions.

I can be contacted at 404-234-4382 or and will try to answer any other questions that you may have.

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