- When the numbers don't add up
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Experienced Math Tutor

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Date: February 16, 2018 6:05 pm
City: Budapest  (Hungary)

Experienced math tutor for middle and high school kids.Worked successfully with students from international schools in Budapest ( AISB, BISB, GGIS, ICSB, Brittanica and SEC ), coming from USA, UK, Germany, France, Poland, Hungary, Russia, Egypt, China, India, S. Korea, Indonesia, etc. Can help with other subjects as well: physics, biology, chemistry, history, economics, environmental studies, etc. Kind, patient, and emphatic teacher, focusing on students' understanding and building their self-confidence. Familiar with both American and British curriculum. Experience with IB program, kids with special needs, SAT and IGCSE exams, and internet courses. Ideal for help with homeschooling.

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