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Happy New Year (01/01/10)
We would like to wish all of the teachers and students who visit
and use our site a very happy new year, best of luck to all of you.

We hope to continue on growing this year, and bring you even more
teachers and tutors in more cities and coutries across the world.

Successful Server Switch (08/22/09)
Our server has been experiencing unusually frequent downtime lately.
It seems that someone on our shared host has been overloading it.
Last night we moved to a different server, which already is noticeably
faster, and hopefully will have less downtime or overloading.
We always to try to serve you (students and teachers) better
and we hope you will enjoy a faster and better service.

Post / City Statistics (01/10/09)
Statistics page is now avaliable for registered users.
Find out how many people visit your post and city,
and see what they are doing in your post (click on
links, print coupons, send emails, etc...).
It can also show you the potential student base in your city.

Help Us Grow (09/28/08)
We are always trying to reach new tutors and teachers to meet
with the growing demand for lessons on our site.
You can help us "spread the word" by doing any of the following:
Print our Flyer, and hang it in your school, college etc...
Join our Facebook group, and invite your friends.
Email your friends and let them know about us.

Discount Coupons (04/26/08)
We've just added the option to offer discount coupons to students.
Some tutors have already added them, look for a next
to a post title to know it has a coupon inside.

Student Reviews (02/24/08)
We've just added the options to get reviewed by students (for registered users)
Getting reviews on your posts can help you get more new students, it is a
great way to share success stories of current students with potential new ones.
To enable this service, login to your account and click on Student Reviews

Spreading the Word... (11/14/07)
We're working hard on getting more teachers and tutors to post on the site.
If you know any teachers or tutors, help us spread the word about our site.

New Post Interface (07/18/07)
We've been working hard on some new features and the first one is here.
We just added a new Interface to edit posts with font sizes, types, colors, tables etc...
Try it out, tell us what you think and if you encounter any problems.
We're also working on a Counter / Statistics Report for your post and city, stay tuned...

Site launched (07/08/07)
After a lot of testing and fixing, we finally launched the site.
If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please let us know.