- When the numbers don't add up
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Help Using - Abuse

If someone has put your phone number or street address in a post on and you are receiving unwanted calls or visitors, please email the details to us at

-Please put 911 somewhere in the subject line of your email.
-Include the URL or post ID number, if you have it.
*If you have not seen the post, or if you are not familiar with, please give us as much information as you can. For instance, tell us which city it's probably posted in, any keywords that might appear in the post, that sort of thing.

NOTE: If your issue does not involve urgent telephone harassment or unwanted visitors to your home or workplace, please follow the procedures described directly below under "other harassment". Please DO NOT designate your message as 911!

Other harassment
Please contact us via email at if someone has posted personal information about you on the site, such as your email address or picture. Be sure to include the URL or post ID number so we can find it quickly.

Abusive email
If you receive an abusive email response to one of your posts, please forward it to We don't get involved in disputes, but we may be able to provide advice in cases of persistent unprovoked attacks.